09 August 2013

Aes Dana

 Vincent Villuis is composer & sound designer, Dj and co-owner of Ultimae records. 
Electronic activist since teenage hood, he was also one of the founding members of ASURA. 
Bass player and singer in several coldwave and industrial bands, he then moved on to composing with machines. 
Specialized in sampling and layering of acoustic sounds digitally transmuted, Vincent Villuis creates a music which offers multiple listening possibilities. 
His project AES DANA brings a fusion between the British Progressive feel and the traditional American Space Music; with sounds anchored in the psychedelic realm freely flowing into a morning Downtempo trance, tribal or smashed rhythms. 
So far he produced 5 solo albums, participated to about 3 dozen compilations and collaborated on three albums with Swedish artist Magnus Birgersson under moniker H.UV.A.NETWORK. In 2009, Vincent Villuis composed soundtracks for Science Fiction movie "The Passport" (Amund Lie) and "Atrophy Bank" (Sam Asaert) out end 2009. 
In June 2009 was released his album [ Leylines ] which received many excellent feedbacks from the electronic scene and from the beyond audience. 
The album Leylines was ranked top 10 sales electronic music on Itunes USA and Top 5 on Emusic. The album Perimeters was ranked top 5 on emusic and Amazon. 
As the conceptor of the Fahrenheit Project compilation, he just released the last chapter of the series in May 2011. 
In 2009, Vincent Villuis became sponsored artist by TC Electronic and in 2011 by Roland Cakewalk. Vincent Villuis was the official resident at “Les Dominicains of Haute Alsace” from 2009 to 2011 where he worked on compositions, remixes and multi-diffusion installation for this cultural heritage building. Journalist for Keyboard recording Magazine (KR Home Studio) since 2000.

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