10 August 2013


 Aiodaya are Aioaska (Austria) & Suduaya (France). The progressive psytrance duo started in 2011, after the guys met at Life Celebration Festival, Croatia.
Back to Austria, they make a first track together and the magic appears instantly; a wish to make more tracks becomes like an evidence.
After touring many years as a DJ, Aioaska released his debut album in 2011 “Into the Cosmic Jungle” (Midijum Records) and his psychedelic and shamanic sounds combines perfectly with the atmospheric and melodic vibes of Suduaya, who released as well his debut album on the same year “Dreaming Sun” (Altar Records).
The guys are touring respectively and intensively in parties and festivals all over Europe, to name a few, Spirit Base, Life Celebration, Spiritual Healing, Somuna, Transylvania Calling...
They are now part of BMSS Records, with their first release as Aiodaya, the “Grounded” EP

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