09 August 2013


Bojan Stojiljkovic Aka Ascent was born 1987 in town Krushevac, Serbia.
He comes from a musician family,and as very young started playing keyboards.When he grew little older,he started playing keyboards in Rock and Blues bands.When he had 20 years,he started he`s career as a DJ in psychedelic Trance music.Work and play psytrance music all around Serbia on festivals and parties.2010 he start to pruduce and making a Progressive psytrance and downtempo/psychill music. Ascent has released his albums in several labels,/Ovnimoon records,Goa records,Plusqam records/ and also more to come He also created psychill/ambient/ project with his brother Branko aka Argus /born in 1982/ who also play live intruments (Keyboard,drums,bass,guitar..) Together,they moved from town to forest,near Mountain Jatrebac,where they found inner peace and inspiration in pure nature. They come to idea to make ambient psychedelic music,and focused on deep mystical atmospheres,sounds of nature and beautiful harmonies.Their music contains live instruments like guitars,keyboards,percussions,vocals and so much more…

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