12 August 2013

Astral Waves / Dj Zen

Short Bio

 Astral Waves is Gabriel Descoutieras, also known as DJ Zen & Idael. 
DJ Zen was born in France but is established in Quebec, Canada, since 1996.
At an early age and thanks to his family, he was exposed to all kinds of music.

In 1995, he discovered Goatrance music through a couple of djs\friends who had traveled to Goa, India. This magical music playing on DAT mesmerized him, so he started to buy cds and trade DATs and Mini Discs to learn djaying while occasionally playing in small private parties to jump-start his career.

DJ Zen's first official mix and compilation was released on September 1st,2003."Peace_Therapy_Vol.1 " features 9 exclusive downtempo tracks compiled for the joy of every psybient adept. It contains 3 tracks composed by DJ Zen, two featuring
Khetzal , and a remix DJ Zen did for Sneila, a Romanian artist/ musician.
In 2008, DJ Zen released a solo album,"Mystique", under Astral Waves and more recently "Magique"
DJ Zen's label : Altar Records  

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