09 August 2013


Starting out as DJ Roehrich back in the mid Nineties, Aioaska first worked with rock music. 
Soon he began to expand his style by experimenting with a wide range of sounds. 
By then his catalogue encompassed jazz as well as solid metal tunes. 
The grounds he played on saw him as resident DJ in various clubs of Austria. 
With diversity remaining an important factor of his creativity, Aioaska introduced himself to psychedelic trance & downbeat in 1998 and, from there on, worked his way through a number of sets, including shows at clubs & parties in Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Croatia & Hungary . 
Aioaska began producing his own music in 2005. 
The mission was straightforward and clear: Getting his tunes straight to the dancefloor and let people shake their ass to it. In 2007 Aioaska released his first track on Synergetic Records. 
2011 saw Aioaska perform his first live-set “Oscill 4” and carry his tunes out into the open. 
After this wonderful year of many live gigs, Aioaska produced his debut album “Into the Cosmic Jungle” and now once more releases a set of tunes from the studio, bringing the shaman 604trance to your bodies and souls.

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