14 April 2006

Ganesha the remover of obstacles

Ganesha is depicted as a being with a man's body and an elephant's head.
According to one of the myths associated with this deity Parvati took one of his own ribs and she did a son, and instructed to keep his quarters.
When her husband Shiva arrived and found the man near the room of his wife, killed him and tore off his head.
Before the tragedy, Parvati demanded that her husband return the life to Ganesha.
Then, Shiva promised to put in Ganesha's head of the first living creature that came his way - and it was just an elephant.

Ganesha is also the protector of merchants and the wise and writers.
His attributes are prosperity, intelligence, intellect and ability to overcome obstacles.
It also symbolizes the union between the masculine and feminine (or principles Shiva and Shakti), because its trunk is a phallic shape, and the mouth is the receiver.

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